Rick Johnson's Pilot Page

Hello there,

I received my private pilot's license in 1976 after attending Oregon State University (OSU) and was a member of the OSU Flying Club. Most of my training was in high-wing Cessna-150's, 152's and 172's, but I've also flown some small low-wing Pipers on occasion.

For the last few years of my employment with Los Alamos National Lab I owned two Cessna 175's (very similar to a 172 but with more horsepower) that allowed me to travel to nearby work sites, as necessary, from our ranch in Oregon. Recently, I sold one of the planes, and I may soon have another plane for sale... interested?

Many years ago I created a "One-Click Weather" page to show current and forecasted weather along some of my routes. It's a bit outdated now, and some of the links no longer work, but you can see what I had in mind to make preflight weather planning a bit easier...

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