Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1998 09:23:06 -0600 (MDT)
To: Rick Johnson <rijohnso@orednet.org>
From: "Innovative Systems Software, LLC" <iss-cma@srv.net>
Subject: Professional reference for Rick Johnson
I first met Rick several years ago when he was the lead on the SCDAP/RELAP5
Peer Review Committee for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. At the time
I was the technical leader for the SCDAP/RELAP5 development activities and
was faced with the sometimes unpleasant task of presenting our work to a
critical audience. Although we had somewhat adversial positions, I always
admired Rick's evenhanded approach to the peer review. Under difficult
circumstances, Rick did an exceptional job. He was technically very
knowledgeable and managed to draw together a strong consensus report from a
wide diversity of technical expertise and personalities. As a result, that
work established an excellent standard for the US NRC's review of their
large accident analysis codes and was used as the basis for development of
later versions of SCDAP/RELAP5.
Sincerely yours
Chris Allison, General Manager, Innovative Systems Software

Letter of commendation from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to the Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory (with Lab Director's "thank you" email to Rick attached):

From: sh@lanl.gov
To: rijohnso@orednet.org
Cc: cec@lanl.gov, bt@lanl.gov
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 17:31:06 -0600
Subject: Commendation of Mr. Rick Johnson
Thanks for the splendid work. It's always nice to hear from a happy
Dr. Siegfried S. Hecker, Director
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545
Dear Dr. Hecker:
The purpose of this letter is to commend Mr. Rick Johnson of your
Technology and Safety Assessment (TSA) Division for work he has
performed for the NRC over the last 6 years.
Mr. Johnson acted as Chairperson for the Independent Peer Review of the
SCDAP/RELAP5 Severe Nuclear Accident Analysis Code (a review NRC funded
between 1990 through 1992). Mr. Johnson successfully completed that
project by adapting and extending previous methodology used to
independently assess another NRC computer code. In addition, he worked
with NRC and colleagues throughout the nuclear community to create a
new and innovative process for ranking severe accident phenomena and
associated code models (work published in Nuclear Safety).
Last year Mr. Johnson began the task of coordinating an International
SCDAP/RELAP5 Cooperative Assessment Program. This program has 14 member
countries and is important to the nuclear safety research community.
His work on this activity, as Program Coordinator for NRC, has proved
to be effective. He has created a new and structured approach to the
development of code assessment matrices (the "Necessary and Sufficient
Assessment" methodology). As a result of his coordination work in the
area of code assessment, another article will be published.
Over the years Mr. Johnson has consistently accomplished work for the
NRC that has proven to be effective and of high quality. I would like
to thank you for providing Mr. Johnson and look forward to working
with him in the future.
Yi Chen, Project Manager
Accident Evaluation Branch, Division of Systems Technology
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
From: Jim Steiner on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 8:36 AM
Subject: RE: Reference for Rick?
To: Rick Johnson
I have worked with Rick Johnson on a viriety of thermal hydraulic
code applications programs over the last nine years. These
programs have included both code assessment and code applications
for reactor systems analysis. Code assessment tasks are based on
analysis of calculated results compared to measured data from
thermal hydraulic test facilities, and provide input for future
code improvements. The code applications tasks are generally
performed to assess the effectiveness of a variety of safety
systems for existing and proposed nuclear reactor designs.
I have enjoyed working with Rick very much and I consider him to
be very compitent in all areas of engineering analysis. Rick is
quick to learn how to apply codes for modeling systems response
and interpret the results of code calculations. If a code problem
develops, Rick can always determine the cause quickly or find a
way to work around the problem. Rick also has the management
skills to complete analysis tasks on time and within budget. He
works well with both collegues and sponsors, and always produces
high quality documentation of analysis results.
I have always thought of Rick as a very hard working responsible
person, whom I trust completely. I can recommend Rick enthusi-
astically and without qualification. Please feel free to contact
me if I can be of further assistance.
Sincerely yours, James L. Steiner
MS K557, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM 87545
[NOTE: Jim was a Technical Staff Member at LANL. -rpj-]
To: Rick Johnson
Cc: tim.haste@aea.orgn.uk
From: Tim Haste 3217 Box165 on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 3:18 AM
Subject: Re: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
In reply to your request noted above, I am pleased to endorse
personally your capability statement included in your e-mail to me
dated Monday December 5 1994, based on our working together on the NRC Peer
Review of SCDAP/RELAP5. Efficient communication in review projects of
this nature is highly important if the project is to be completed on
time, and the use of electronic methods such e-mail greatly speeds the
task, especially where the review committee members are widely
scattered geographically. Your effective use of such methods was
essential to the completion of the SCDAP/RELAP5 review, while
recognizing that personal meetings are also required, particularly at
the start of the project and at the end, where objectives and
conclusions are best agreed round a table. I am using similar methods
in review work I am currently coordinating for the Commission on the
Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) and the European Union (EU).
I am also happy to vouch for your resume, also dated 5 December,
regarding the SCDAP/RELAP5 Peer Review items. It was a pleasure to
work with you on this task.
Yours sincerely, Tim Haste
[NOTE: Tim is senior scientist in the Reactor Safety Studies Department,
AEA Reactor Services, AEA Technology, Winfrith, UK. -rpj-]
To: Rick Johnson
From: Drury, Karen L on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 7:24 AM
Subject: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
With Rick's computer hardware/software capabilities it is my
opinion he could work very effectively from a remote
Rick has always been very knowledgable and helpful during
our working relationship. I have enjoyed working with Rick.
He has always, whether at home or work, made sure I had a
telephone number where he could be reached, or had
immediate computer access for any emergencies.
Karen Drury, Secretary, 101-SY Mitigation Project
To: Rick Johnson
From: John Mahaffy on Sat, Dec 17, 1994 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: Resume - Rick Johnson
I have known Rick Johnson since 1984 when we both worked at Los Alamos.
He has extensive experience in computer analysis of thermal-hydraulic
problems (particularly related to reactors). This field lends itself
particularly well to the growing work technique of tele-commuting. He has
had direct experience working in this mode, and has given serious thought
to work habits and structure necessary to make a project successful when
contributing engineers are not located a single site.
Given the wide variety of personal tastes in locations to live, it is not
possible to gather the best possible combination of technical personnel for
any given project at a single location. Rick can serve not only as an
asset in his particular field of technical expertese, but also as a guide
to assembling a remotely based technical team with an optimal combination of
[NOTE: John Mahaffy was one of the principal developers of the TRAC code,
while employed at LANL, and is now working for Penn State University.]
From: Thad Knight on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 11:14 AM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I have worked with Mr. Johnson to varying degrees since he came to Los Alamos
National Laboratory in 1984. Until June 1988, I was the Deputy Group Leader
for the group in which Mr. Johnson worked and was more involved in the
management of his activities. Since that time, I have worked with Mr.
Johnson as a coworker on several assignments.
I have found Mr. Johnson to be an enthusiastic and capable employee for all
the tasks that have been assigned to him. A part of his efforts has been to
utilize electronic communication from the time it became available to us to
communicate with both Los Alamos employees and external users of our products
to resolve problems and to facilitate cooperation and analyses. Toward this
end, Mr. Johnson has always been one of the most adept users of electronic
communication in general and new communications tools in particular as they
became available.
I fully believe that Mr. Johnson can make the concept of telecommuting work
and that he would be a good test case to prove the system. He is a self-starter
as he approaches assigned tasks, and he will readily communicate with superiors
and coworkers to define task goals, approaches, and schedules. He also has
demonstrated that he will work diligently on assigned tasks with a minimum of
supervisory oversight.
If you have questions about Mr. Johnson's qualifications or about my views on
telecommuting, you can contact me at the above address, or you can call me at
Thad D. Knight, Ph.D.
From: Bob White on Sun, Dec 4, 1994 10:45 PM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I feel I have worked closely with Rick Johnson, even though we have been
over a thousand miles apart. Rick has developed methods of telecomuting
that allows us to work together closer than people I sit in the same
building with. I have found Rick to be hard working, creative, and
technically competent. I can give him a high recommendation.
To: Rick Johnson
From: Sobocinski, Richard G on Mon, Dec 5, 1994 12:13 PM
Subject: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
Over the past 20 months I have worked with Mr. Johnson on various aspects of
implementing LANL safety controls for a DOE environmental restoration project
managed by Westinghouse Hanford Company.
Mr. Johnson was instrumental in establishing lines of communications between
all of the organizations involved in this project. The project has maintained
a close level of cooperation between the principals, though they are sometimes
separated by great physical distances, because of the efforts of Mr. Johnson.
I have found Mr. Johnson to be very responsive to all requests and problems
that were solved using various methods of electronic conferencing. He is very
conscientious in monitoring his messages and quickly responding, even at times
when he is on vacation. In these times of dwindling budgets, Mr. Johnson has
demonstrated an ability to project his full expertise in safety matters to
more than one site concurrently, and he does so less expensively and more
quickly than physically commuting between sites.
Because of my positive experience working with Mr. Johnson, both in person and
via the Internet, I would not hesitate to recommend him for any position that
might require all or part of his commitment to be made by telepresence.
Sincerely, Richard G. Sobocinski
From: Steve Eisenhawer on Wed, Dec 14, 1994 8:05 PM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I have known Rick Johnson since 1984 when we both came to Los Alamos.
Rick is an excellent engineer and has a strong background in a number of
aspects of nuclear safety. Rather than comment at length on Rick's talents,
I'll comment on the specific issue of Rick's ability to do his job via
For the last couple of years Rick and I have worked together on safety
problems at Hanford. During all of this time Rick has worked in Richland
while I have been at Los Alamos, with rather infrequent trips to Hanford.
The lack of direct contact with Rick has not adversely affected our working
together. The current state of remote computing makes it possible for us to
communicate and share data as if we were at the same site. From my vantage
point, Rick has been a real trailblazer in advancing this technology in our
group here at LANL. This has saved a significant number of trips to Hanford.
I am confident that Rick could function efficiently in an engineering
analysis position via telecommuting and that such an arrangement would be
mutually beneficial.
[NOTE: Steve is a Technical Staff Member at LANL. -rpj-]
From: Cetin Unal on Mon, Dec 5, 1994 10:00 AM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I am pleased to write this message in support of Mr. Rick Johnson's effort to
seek an employment that would be performed perform from a remote location. I
hold three degrees (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D) in mechanical engineering and have
been actively engaged in research since 1978. My field of technical expertise
is multi-phase flow and heat transfer, having authored over a 50 journal and
conference publications.
I have known Mr. Johnson approximately ten years and first met him during my
visit to the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1986 when he was responsible
for activities in the area of the TRAC Code User Support. Our interaction
after the TRAC work shop I attended continued. He provided services for us
to perform off-site TRAC calculations. His ability to establish a clear
communication with us to be able to process the TRAC results were excellent
and very much appreciated .
After I join the Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1989, our interaction
continued. Recently, he became an on-site resident engineer at Hanford as a
our groups liaison. His responsibilities involved facilitating interaction
and communication between LANL and WHC for the safety assessment work we
I was in charge of the safety assessments work for the viscometer and voidmeter
instruments. I was able to follow the progresses in these projects from the
reports via E-mail he send us on daily basis.
I think that the communication between people, groups etc. is very important.
The communication is more important when the client is located far away from
the site. The facilitating technical meetings via telecommunication is
essential part of the success in performing our work. It requires a broad
range of understanding of technical issues. I think that Rick has the
ability to interpret/participate the technical discussions and convey the
message to the responsible parties participating the tele-conferences. I
personally benefited a lot from his work and was able to follow the
progress in projects I am responsible as well as in other projects.
I think that he has excellent background and ability to perform analysis/
reviewes from a remote location using large scale-computer codes as well
as other availabe tools for various aspects of the nuclear technology. I
have no doubt that he would be an excellent asset to any organization that
seeking a highly qualified person in nuclear technology with a ability of
telecommuting and strongly recommend him.
Cetin Unal
From: Lori Mascarenas on Mon, Dec 5, 1994 3:21 PM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I worked as a secretary for Mr. Rick Johnson for approximately one year
(1989-1990). During this time, Mr. Johnson was often away on travel for
up to a a week at a time. While on travel, we communicated daily via email,
phone and fax. Mr. Johnson always gave very specific/detailed instructions
as to what needed to be done. By communicating in this fashion, the N-12
office ran in an effective and efficient manner.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Lori Mascarenas, (505)667-0850, LANL
To: Rick Johnson
From: Peter Haase on Sun, Dec 4, 1994 8:12 PM
Subject: Re: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
I feel that Rick Johnson has mastered the art of telecommuting via dial-up
and direct internet access. He has interacted with me on many occasions and
I have found him to be very knowledgeable in the art. I telecommute
regularly from my home and while on travel to perform my duties at Los
Alamos National Laboratory. I have found that it is not only cost effective
for myself and my employer but also enables me to diagnose problems and
perform assigned tasks in a timely manner. In some respects, telecommuting
makes me a more productive employee as I am not distracted by the daily
nuances of the workplace. Telecommuting is not for everyone and it is
certainly not a substitute for being personnaly on site when it's required
but it is an invaluable option. Based on my 25 years experience in
telecommunications, I can reliably state that Rick Johnson could at least
meet and/or probably exceed his stated employment goals.
Peter Haase, Network Manager, Materials Science and Technology Division
Los Alamos National Laboratory
To: Rick Johnson
From: Gerald_M_Christensen@ccmail.pnl.gov on Tue, Dec 6, 1994 9:55 AM
Subject: RESUME
Rick: I received the copy of your resume via FAX. I must
say it is very impressive and would make you well suited to
attain your goal of continuing work in the nuclear industry
via telecommuting.
In the time I have known you at Hanford, you have done an
excellent job of representing LANL in the 101SY Mixer Pump
Project. It has not always been an easy task but it has
been done well, on time and it has not been unpleasent.
I would be happy to provide you with a reference at any
To: rpj@lanl.gov
From: Bob Hanson on Wed, Dec 7, 1994 3:19 PM
Subject: Letter of Recommendation
I worked with Rick in the mid to late 80's when we were both involved in
support to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) sponsored International
Code Assessment Program (ICAP). Rick was responsible for the support effort
at LANL. Rick provided a very smooth and trouble free interaction between
LANL and the INEL (where I am employed) and between LANL and the NRC. Rick
made this happen, in part, by using state of the art communications software
to link the concerned parties together and to provide fast and simple file
transfer capability. Rick routinely introduced new software as it became
available and demonstrated fluency with both the software and hardware.
In addition, Rick has been technically responsible for sophisticated safety
evaluations of nuclear reactors which involved the use of state of the art
thermal hydraulic computer codes and codes that are designed to evaluate
reactor integrity once reactor core damage begins.
Rick has also demonstrated a strong ability to be effective as a team member
or a team leader. He is able to work with people very effectively. Rick is
self motivated and assumes responsibility for commitments and delivers.
[NOTE: Bob is an employee of INEL, Idaho Falls, ID. -rpj-]
To: Rick Johnson
From: Lentsch, Jack W on Wed, Dec 14, 1994 10:07 AM
Subject: Re: Reference for Rick Johnson?
Rick has worked on the Hydrogen Mitigation Program at Hanford on
assignment from LANL for the past two years. He has demonstrated
expertise in telecommuting knowledge, skills, and abilities through
the use of E-mail, fax, and telephone, from both his office here at
Hanford and from home during a percentage of his time. He has
demonstrated a range of knowledge through the review of safety
assessments and other technical documents and procedures. I would
certainly give him an excellent rating in being able to telecommute
effectively on technical matters.
Signed: Jack W. Lentsch
(currently Manager, Double Shell Tank Integrity Program,
CH2M Hill Hanford Group Inc, Richland, WA.)
To: rpj@lanl.gov
From: zoo@r5m3npa2.tokai.jaeri.go.jp on Wed, Dec 7, 1994 5:31 PM
If I were an employer, I would hire Rick Johnson
to work for me, in either an in-house or telecommuting
capacity. I have known and worked with Rick long
enough to develop a sincere respect for both his
work ethic and character. Rick is the kind of person
that has a positive effect on co-workers - a leader
by example. Furthermore, he has demonstrated over the
past few years an ability to perform professionally
from a remote location. I believe that the employer
who offers Rick a telecommuting opportunity will
soon recognize the tenacity, enthusiasm, and
professionalism that characterize Rick's work.
I know this recommendation sounds extremely positive -
it was meant to be - but, it is an objective assessment
of my observations of Rick. I envy you and your
employees the opportunity to work with Rick.
Roy Shaw
US NRC Resident Engineer at the
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
To: Rick Johnson
From: Francisca Beard on Mon, Dec 12, 1994 8:28 AM
Subject: message from R. Viskanta
I was delighted to get your e-mail message of December 4,
1994 and learn that everything is OK in Oregon and that you
are planning to work from home.
If I recall correctly, when you chaired the SCDAP/RELAP5
Peer Review panel for NRC you worked primarily from Oregon
or hotel/motel rooms during your travels using a portable
PC. I sincerely believe that you have demonstrated
experience of managing projects from home using electronic
mail, facsimile and other modern electronic communication
means and would be able to successfully perform or direct
work from a remote location.
I wish you best of success in this new undertaking.
Best wishes to you and yours for a Joyous Holiday Season and
a New Year filled with health, happiness and prosperity.
Sincerely, Ray Viskanta
[NOTE: Raymond Viskanta is W.F.M. Goss Distinguished Professor of
Engineering at Purdue University. -rpj-]
To: rpj@lanl.gov
Cc: Laroy_S_Steve_Krogsrud@rl.gov
From: Krogsrud, Laroy S (Steve) on Tue, Dec 27, 1994 12:15 PM
Subject: Endorsement
I have worked with Richard Johnson for about a year and a
half on various projects dealing with the safety of nuclear
waste tanks at Hanford. During that time he has been Los
Alamos National Laboratory's representative at Hanford. As
such he was a major contributor in the formulation and
solution of numerous technical problems that have arisen
during the mitigation of waste hazards.
Rick has brought to this work the skill of communicating
clearly and crisply, and ability to extract the critical
issues from difficult problems. Through the use of email,
Rick has kept informed and coordinated the efforts of other
workers on a continuous basis. He is therefore already
using telecommuting to be a more effective team member.
Rick has demonstrated that he can contribute to a project
from a remote location as well, or better, than someone
Steve Krogsrud, Ph.D.
Principal Engineer
Westinghouse Hanford Company
To: rpj@lanl.gov
Cc: George_F_Jr_Vargo@rl.gov
From: Vargo, George F Jr on Fri, Dec 16, 1994 9:59 AM
Subject: RESUME
I have been associated with Mr. Johnson for the past few years since he
assumed the responsibility for the liaison engineer between Westinghouse
Hanford Company (WHC) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). His
duties have included the direct interface with WHC design engineering
in regards to the Hydrogen Mitigation Project (HMP) matters concerning
the safety assessment (SA).
He has attended the mornings, conducted twice weekly, for the past eighteen
months and translated the technical highlights of the meetings to key LANL
personal, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, by electronic network transfer. His
proficiency, in the performance of these tasks, has been un-precedented.
The swiftness and the accurate translation, of highly technical information,
is very difficult. Mr. Johnson has performed this task in an outstanding
manner with dedication and tenacity.
He has a good working knowledge of the engineering sciences and is able to
extract accurate technical information, regarding engineering projects,
summarize this information, and then transmit this information to the
cognizant organizations emphasizing critical issues. He has been a key
contributor to the success of the HMP effort.
I highly recommend Mr. Johnson as an individual. He is a valued asset to
any organization that he is a member.
[NOTE: George is an employee of Westinghouse Hanford -rpj-]
To: Rick Johnson
From: Stokes, Troy I on Tue, Dec 20, 1994 4:53 PM
Subject: Reference for Rick Johnson?
Rick Johnson is highly effective as a Los Alamos
representative here at Westinghouse. He interfaces with
more than 50 people regularly using occasional meetings,
telephone conversations, and predominantly the Internet
system of "Email." There is no doubt in my mind that he
can effectively perform simulation and analysis tasks from
any location where he has a telephone line to connect to.
There are also times on a project when telecommuting alone
is not adequate. However, my experience with Rick assures
me that he recognizes these times, and will take the
appropriate action (face to face meetings, etc.) to make the
project a success.
If there are further questions concerning Rick's
qualifications, feel free to call me at (509)-376-9436.
Troy Stokes, Project Engineer - Hydrogen Mitigationm
Westinghouse Hanford Co.
[ccMAIL Delivered via Hanford LAN]
December 7, 1994
FROM: D. R. Nunamaker
During the past year, I have worked with Mr. Johnson to support the mitigation
of episodic hydrogen releases from Tank 101-SY at the Hanford site. My
interactions with Rick have included Electronic Mail, FAX Transmissions,
Televideo conferences, and Telephone conversations. Rick has displayed a
high degree of knowledge in the area of electronic communications. He has
maintained an excellent remote communications link between Westinghouse
Hanford Company (WHC), Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL), and Los Alamos
National Laboratory (LANL). Rick routinely demonstrates a high degree of
technical knowledge during Facility Safety Analysis review meetings and Test
Review Group meetings. He routinely provides clear and accurate reports
from various technical meetings. Rick has clearly demonstrated the
technical expertise and personal commitment to perform electronic and
verbal communications from remote locations.
D. R. Nunamaker, Lead Engineer, Mitigation Operations
Westinghouse Hanford Company
To: Rick Johnson
From: Larry E. Efferding 12/5/94 8:09AM
Subject: Reference for Rick Johnson
I enthusiastically endorse Rick Johnson`s skills with
computer analysis and simulation of complex problems.
I have worked with Rick for several years on issues involved
with the number one safety problem at Hanford - tank 101-SY
and the mixer pump installation solution to the problem.
His support and valuable contributions to the successful
solution of tank issues are well known to those of us on
the Test Review Group staff.
sincerely, Larry Efferding
[Note: Larry is an employee of WHC, Richland, WA. -rpj]
From: Bob Fujita on Wed, Dec 7, 1994 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
During the past 10 years that I have been associated with Rick, he has always
performed in a very professional manner in all aspects of his job requirements.
Rick has demonstrated on numerous occasions his ability to solve very difficult
system modeling problems and more im-portantly, he has the ability to transfer
his knowledge to his colleagues so that they may share his successes in their
own modeling tasks. Rick's current laboratory liaison/resident engineering
assign-ment at the Hanford site indicates his broad professional experience
as this task requires considerable effort to maintain a constant communication
link of both technical and management information between the two national
laboratories. He is providing an important function in keeping all participants
fully informed on the most current issues and analyses pertaining to our waste
tank mitigation project.
[NOTE: Bob is a Technical Staff Member at LANL. -rpj-]
To: Rick Johnson
From: Raco, Roland on Thu, Dec 8, 1994 2:58 PM
Subject: 101-SY-HMT-Status941208
I am pleased to furnish this letter of recommendation for employment for Mr.
Richard (Rick) Johnson. We have interacted on the safety issues associated
with underground waste storage tank 241-SY-101 at the Hanford Site, Richland
Washington for almost two (2) years. In all the time I have known him, he
has proven himself to be outstanding in both quantity and quality of his work
performance. He is authentic, friendly, outgoing, disciplined, responsible
self-motivated, conscientious, and a person of high integrity. He has
interdisciplinary skills in the engineering and management areas. This
coupled with his 23 years work experience and many unique life experiences
enable him to work in a cost effective manner and interact very well with
people from widely differing backgrounds in order to achieve the highest
standards of engineering excellence. Hence he would be a real asset to
your organization.
Please contact me at the above address or phone number if you have any
Sincerely, Dr. Roland J. Raco, Ph.D.
[NOTE: Dr. Raco supports waste-tank mitigation work at Hanford -rpj]
From: Steve Harmony on Mon, Dec 12, 1994 8:48 AM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I have known Rick Johnson for ten years and have worked with him on many
projects involving computer input-model development, simulation, analysis,
and documentation; computer code assessment against experimental data; and
safety analysis review. I have always been impressed with Rick's abilities
in these areas, both for his individual contributions and for his contributions
to team efforts. Rick's communication skills, both verbal and written, are
For the past several years Rick has been helping me develop the remote
computing capabilities of my group. He has been very effective in using
these remote capabilities to achieve his goals and complete his assignments.
Rick is a real self starter. He has always contributed his share and more to
the projects we've worked on together. I can recommend him without hesitation
for the type of remote-computing position he is seeking.
Steve Harmony, Data Center Manager and System Administrator, Group TSA-12
Los Alamos National Laboratory
From: Ed Rodriguez on Mon, Dec 12, 1994 10:11 AM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
Your performance throughout the past two years as the lead technical liason
between LANL and WHC for the Hydrogen Mitigation Test, Flammable Gas Project,
and Waste Retreival Tasks, has been viewed by everyone here including myself
as very efficient. You have maintained a thorough understanding of the
various technical issues that encompass the numerous engineering disciplines,
and you've done all this with ease and confidence. That in itself is what
impresses me most about you, your confidence and competence in discussing
the numerous technical issues.
Although not your engineering field, I have come to depend on your insight
for reviewing my technical work in structural engineering because I know that
you will provide probing technical questions and will point out discrepancies
in the technical philosophy. In short, you have made myself, and LANL as a
whole, better
I believe that with your background in nuclear engineering and experience in
code development, plus the experience with the current COS position, you could
obtain a position and perform work by telecommuting. As I had previously
e-mailed to you, I'm not sure how well telecommuting would work, if at all,
for the current COS project you are performing. In that capacity, LANL needs
to have a person on-site to resolve problems one-on-one. However, there are
certain types of positions that do not require the employee to be physically
present at the job site, and as I understand, the Laboratory is seriously
looking into these options. From my interactions with you over the electronic
super highways, I am confident that given the right job, you will be able to
perform your tasks by telecommuting.
[NOTE: Ed is a Section Leader at LANL. -rpj-]
To: Richard_P_Johnson@rl.gov; rpj@lanl.gov
From: Merriman, Raymond E on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 10:51 AM
Subject: References -Is this What you need?
I have interfaced with Rick Johnson over the past 2 years on a variety of
technical task related to safety issues of nuclear industrial systems.
Rick has clearly communicated concerns, questions, and responses to a variety
of technical situations and conditions. He has been the communication
interface, technical issues clarifier, expeditor, and tracked to resolution
of many issues.
His knowledge of electronic communications equipment and systems has allowed
him to provide communication service to many individuals and groups on a
variety of issues. Rick has shown on many occasions that he can utilize
state-of-the-art electronic equipment to be an effective communicator. He
has demonstrated very well his technical knowledge and ability to grasp
issues new to him. He has also shown his ability to deal with people on
a personal level. Rick is well respected by all those at Westinghouse
Hanford Company who have dealt with him on the waste tank mitigation issues.
R.E. (Ray) Merriman, PE, Principal Engineer
Westinghouse Hanford Company
From: Jack Edwards on Tue, Dec 13, 1994 6:24 PM
Subject: Reference
To: Rick Johnson
To: Perspective Employers of Rick Johnson
From: Jack Edwards, Deputy Group Leader, Reactor Design and Analysis (TSA-12)
I had the opportunity to supervise Rick Johnson for several years while we
worked on the mitigation of the Hanford waste tank SY-101. The work that we
did was to prepare a safety assessment for the mitigation of the highly
flammable hydrogen gas that this tank generated. This work was considered
the most acute safety problem that DOE had to resolve. This work was
characterized by very tight and demanding schedules.
Rick was in a unique roll during this work. He was on a change of station
assignment in Hanford and his duty was the liasion between Hanford and Los
Alamos. Rick did a truly amazing job of this. He had to attend many and
varied meetings at Hanford and keep us appraised of the important results.
This activity required a broad perspective of all of the issues that were
important and the ongoing status of the activities day to day. Rick
typically would carry a laptop computer to the meetings and summarize
the key issues as the meeting was in progress. When the meeting was
over he would E-mail the results to a broad list of interested parties
On occassion, when particularly important meetings were in progress Rick
would find a phone and send us the developments as they were taking place.
This information transfer was invaluable to our success.
Rick was also frequently our technical representative at meetings and had
to develop or represent our position . He always could be relied on to do
this in an extremely professional manner. His work was repected by the
peers and other managers that he came into contact with.
As indicated in his resume Rick has done a lot of analytical computer
modeling with large state-of-the-art computer codes for the
thermal-hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactor systems. He has
experience with TRAC and SCADAP/RELAP 5.
Rick's unique experiences and capabilities make him an ideal person to
perform analytical tasks from remote locations, i. e. telecommuting. Rick
has always shown aa keen interest in this area and I am sure that his
interests in this area would contribute to an assured success in this
situation. In fact, I am convinced that given the opportunity, Rick would
show great productivity because he would be less distracted by the normal
disturbances in the office environment. In addition it has been the collective
experience of people doing this type of computer analysis that the codes
require a lot of nursing and that this takes place at all hours of the day.
By telecommuting, when it is the computers turn to respond the telecommuter
can use his time elsewhere and be available for the commputer nuturing
activities at more odd hours.
In summary, just let me say that, in the time that I have worked with Rick
he has always been a productive and reponsive employee, putting in the
extra effort necessary to insure that his work was completed properly
and on time. I think he will do well in any assignment that he undertakes
and will be particularly productive in a telecommuting position.
Sincerely, Jack Edwards


From: Jay Spore on Mon, Dec 5, 1994 10:04 AM
Subject: RE: "E-mail of Reference" for Rick Johnson?
To: Rick Johnson
I supervised Rick Johnson for several years while he worked on the
International Cooperative Assessment Program and on the Severe Core Damage
Program for the NRC. Rick is a hard worker and has a very strong work ethic.
He completed tasks on schedule and within budget and worked well with the
customer as well as the international participates in the program. Rick was
always on the leading edge of using computers for improved communications and
increased productive. I believe Rick has been very effective and efficient in
his current off-site position and would perform well in any off-site position
that took advanatge of his computer and/or engineering experience and
Sincerely, Jay W. Spore, Staff Member, LANL

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