April 16, 1998
NOTE: Identities protected with "[]", except for elected officials.

-----------msg from a Montana State Representative--------------->
>Rick, I am the grandmother of new twins a year old now. They live in San
>Diego and both my son and his wife (their parents!) do as much of their
>work as they can from computers in their home. Because of that, the twins
>don't require a babysitter and got to spend their first year (and upcoming
>years too) with one or the other parent, or both. Telecommuting could make
>a big difference in the well being of the nation's children! Rep. Joan
>Hurdle, Billings, Montana
---------------msg from a govt. worker in California--------------->
>Thank you for your wonderful message regarding telecommuting. I have always
>wanted to work from home! I have 4 children, and feel the daily stress of
>dropping each child at school, and then the younger children at daycare,
>eventually arriving to work already exhausted. I have been extremely ill
>for the past two weeks, but have had to come to work due to the fact that my
>children have already used up all of my sick time. Therefore I am spreading
>germs to all of my co-workers. To me this is ridiculous! Not to mention
>that my 2 younger children bring home all kinds of germs on a daily basis
>from their daycare center which takes care of 120 children. Illness seems
>to be a never ending battle in our home. My job could easily be transferred
>home, but my supervisor wants to have us hear every minute so she can see
>exactly what we're doing. Subsequently, I feel overly exhausted at all
>times. Please give me some suggestions.
---------------msg from an Alabama State Exec. Director------------------>
>Dear Mr. Johnson:
> I received your most interesting information back in January & February
>but have been out with health problems and have been remiss in responding.
>I will also confess that a hard drive crash wiped out the article and I
>would appreciate your resending it.
> My office deals strictly with highway and traffic safety issues but I
>would like to reprint the information in our newsletter and make more
>people aware of the issue. You raised some very salient points in your
>broadcast e-mail and I would like the public to have the information. As
>you know, the best government is from the people up and with an informed
>public, government leaders will respond to these issues.
> I look foward to hearing more from you.
---------------msg from Alaska Lieutenant Governor------------------>
> Thank you for the information. There is much truth to what
> you say. The benefits to individuals, their families and the
> organizations they serve are considerable. We need more
> flexible policies to adapt to new ways of doing business
> with the technologies available today.
> Fran
-----------msg from a California State Dep. Director----------->
>Mr. Johnson: [] I share your interest in the
>multi-faceted benefits of telecommuting and in fact was able to do it myself
>for about 5 years. Please email me you telephone number. I would like to
>discuss this with you and learn more about your organization.
---------------msgs from a Vermont State Senator------------------>
>I am supportive. What specific steps can be taken. State Senator Jeb
---------------msg from a California State employee--------------->
>Rick, nice work. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has been a long-time
>"informal" user of the telecommute option. I look forward to the day when it
>establishes a formal policy. CEC has also supported the effort in its energy
>conservation and contingency planning documents, [snip]
-------------msg from a California city council member -------------->
>Mr. Johnson,
>Thank you for your email on telecommuting. I am interested in the issue and
>actually work from home most of the time, myself. In 1994, before I was
>elected, I worked with the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and the city staff to
>make it easier to open a home-based business. What used to take 4-8 weeks now
>just takes one day. As a result numerous home-based businesses have sprouted
>in our town.
>With the advent of technology, telecommuting is a great way to work, reduce
>traffic congestion, and allow workers to spend more time with their family and
>friends. I have made it a part of my policy on transportation, as a member of
>four transportation bodies, including the Contra Costa Transportation
>I would be interested in receiving additional information about your
>organization. Thank you.
>Allen D. Payton
>Antioch City Council
--------msg from a California State employee------->
>Mr. Johnson:
>Thank you for the insightful and uplifting copy of the letter [snip]. The
>telecommuting movement needs a lot of help as there is certainly "more talk
>than action". I am one of the lucky few at [snip] who telecommutes.
>(I'm the only one in my office...
---------------msg from a Tennessee State govt. manager--------------->
>Thank you for the information you sent to Governor Sundquist
>concerning the benefits of telecommuting. A number of departments in
>the executive branch of Tennessee state government are beginning to
>utilize telecommuting for employees. We will pass along your
>information as encouragement for these efforts. []
---------------msg from a Washington State Representative--------------->
>Thank you for sending me a copy of your letter to Governor Locke about
>telecommuting. The 26th District which I represent has the thorny issue
>of congested Highway 16 and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as a major
>challenge. In trying to figure out how to manage the demand for the
>corridor I know that telecommuting should play a role. Do you know of
>any way to determine how many people already are telecommuting and what
>specific encouragement businesses might already be giving to their
>employees to telecommute? I know there are many newcomers in our
>community who have come from across the country who are taking advantage
>of the new technologies but it is difficult to assess how many and what
>impact the trend might have on traffic in the future. I look forward to
>hearing f ROM you. [snip] Pat Lantz
---------------msg from a California Assemblyperson--------------->
>Thank you for your E-Mail regarding telecommuting. Regards,
>Assemblyman Bob Margett
---------------msg from a California city manager--------------->
>I am in receipt of your Email.Thanks you for forwarding a copy.Generally,
>I am
>in agreement with your letter and feel that telecommuting is very good for
>zcommunity here in Hercules,Ca
>Thank you
>Ken S. Hobbs
>City Manger
---------------msg from a Kentucky county govt. employee--------------->
>I am also a safety person and would like to start a dialogue about
>telecommuting. We at [] are just starting to travel down that road
>and need any guidance that can be obtained.
---------------msg from a Colorado State Div. Director------------->
>Rick, thanks for copy of letter to Governor. I have several employee who
>are telecommuting. What I need to know is the status of technology to allow
>me to SEE and talk to them at the same time. Where does this stand? Who has
>the best technology? What equipment does it require at each end? Are there
>web sites which provide such information? thanks. []
---------------msg from a Washington State Representative--------------->
>Thank you for the informed research on the issue of telecommuting ["Mason,
>Rep. Dawn"]
-----msg from a California county Chief Information Officer------->
>Dear Rick:
>Good afternoon. My name is [], and I am the Chief
>Information Officer for []. []th largest in California, we
>have had a successful telecommuting program in place since about [] in our
>various departments. My own Team ([]),
>makes extensive use of telecommuting. Our employees enjoy the ability to
>work from home, it cuts down on the number of highway trips here in the
>nice, rarely used Bay Area freeways, and allows us to be more flexible in
>the use of our human and machine resources... Telecommuting was REAL
>effective last week, in the wake of all the water damage to our freeways,
>and the ensuing craziness.
>Telecommuting will always be an option at [].
-----msg from a South Carolina State Dept. of Commerce employee------->
>Dear Rick,
>I got a copy of your e-mail to Governor Beasley. Thanks. An advantage
>of telecommuting that has not been fully appreciated is its potential
>for getting high quality jobs to rural areas such as Burns where there
>is a great quality of life, but a limited population base for supporting
>a broad-based economy.
----------msg from a State employee------->
>hi, FYI I work at the [] Dept of Env Quality and have been
>telecommuting for 16 months. I can vouch for the increase efficiency
>and improved health!
------msg from an Arizona State Manager------->
>Thank you for your very thoughtful e-mail. Governor Hull has suppported
>the expansion of telecommuting within State government, with a goal of
>having 15% of our workforce telecommuting by the end of 1998. []
>has been involved in promoting telecommuting since first participating in a
>pilot program a number of years ago.
------msg from a Colorado State Representative--------------->
>Rick, I agree. St. Rep. Penfield Tate III
----msg from an Idaho National Engineering Lab employee----->
>Thank you for this note. I agree strongly with the material.
--------msg from a Los Alamos National Lab employee------>
>I would like to offer assistance in the form of research on telecommuting &
>safety issues if this is still required. In my work as a marketing
>specialist, I conduct business literature searches, database searches, and
>of course, the Internet. Please let me know if this would be of interest.
------msg from another Los Alamos National Lab employee------>
>Hi Rick, although I am not able to support you with research, etc., you
>certainly have my personal support (if that is worth anything). Please
>keep up the fight and dedication. I know it is not easy, and I admire you
>for all your efforts.
------------msg from a Wyoming State employee (Dept. of Education)----->
>Here, here! Thanks for the info -- I agree.
-------msg from a Viginia State employee (Dept. of Education)----->
>Great idea. Keep pushing it.
------------msg from a State employee-------->
>It would be GREAT if state employees could telecommute! At least those
>who have a computer at home (such as myself). I don't expect the state
>to furnish all employees with a computer. They would NEED to make ALL
>STATE AGENCIES offer the option to the employees, otherwise some
>agencies (including the one I work for) will NOT offer it.
------------msg from a Washington State employee-------->
>I believe your campaign is a good one and only furthers the work many of
>us across the country are doing in the area of telework. The only
>suggestion I can make is to continue responding as you have, in a
>positive voice to any opposition or negative responses you may receive.
>The responses from the Washington delegate to your message were positive
>and should be a reminder to you that your message is important. Keep at
--------msg from an Oregon State SAIF employee-------->
>Thank you for including me when you routed this information. I am
>interested in the possibility of telecommuting becoming common place.